September 26, 2023


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Can You Prepare Your Cat to Play Piano?

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Whereas coaching cats is usually not as straightforward as canine coaching, it definitely is feasible if you will discover the appropriate motivator.

The important thing issue is discovering a reward (often a meals reward for simplicity) that can encourage your cat to maintain making an attempt to carry out a behaviour to get the deal with.

Most coaching revolves round rewarding nearer approximations to the behaviour you need, often known as ‘shaping’. Step one is to point out your cat the reward in your hand, most cats will bat at your hand to get on the deal with. In the event you maintain the deal with close to the keys, typically the cat will by accident hit the keys. Reward instantly this occurs. Finally your cat will make the connection between hitting the keys and getting a deal with, when this reliably occurs introduce the command phrase, similar to ‘play’.

Hints and Ideas

  • Many cats are motivated by small items of BBQ hen or sausage.
  • Use very small items of treats or you’ll lose motivation and your cat will spend an excessive amount of time chewing.
  • Prepare your cat when he’s actually hungry!
  • Solely practice for 5-10 minutes per day so that you each keep away from frustration.
  • In case you are working with an actual piano, step one is to coach your cat to leap up on the seat, you are able to do this by pointing on the seat with a deal with in your hand. Your cat will get the reward once they bounce up.
  • When you have a pleasant piano, introduce the deal with on a small plate, so that you don’t get crumbs by means of the keys.
  • Take pleasure in & be sure you video your outcomes!
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