September 26, 2023


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The little Japanese island of Tashirojima has been dubbed ‘Cat Heaven’ by guests. Family to just one explicit hundred of us, cats significantly outnumber people within the small fishing village.  

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Cats have been at first dropped at the island to take care of the mice inhabitants in take a look at because the rodents ended up predators of the silkworms that had been lifted to spin silk to make nets. In extra of time, the populace has aged and the silk farms have vanished – having stated that the cats have remained and their portions have exploded. 

The remaining locals, primarily of their seventies, pamper the cats and feed them fish. It’s thought, in keeping with Japanese folklore, the cats convey superior luck and prosperity. The fishermen additionally research the conduct of the cats to ascertain temperature and fish patterns, which they assume they’re able to forecast. 


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For five a number of years photographer Fubirai adopted the cats in regards to the village and captured snapshots of their on a regular basis life. His simply recently printed photos have now gone viral. 



The island’s cat obsession manifests even in its structure, with quite a few cat-shaped buildings dotting the island. 


The village rose to fame via the efforts of some who moved to the island from Sendai. They opened an inn named Hamaya for travellers and launched an internet site in 2006 in regards to the island and its inhabitants. A movement image was made afterward that yr about simply one of many cats on the island, Droopy-Eared Jack, with a number of sequels subsequent which each and every single up-to-date admirers on the turns of Jack’s lifetime.  


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Tourism for the island is now booming as readers flock internationally to see the feline paradise for themselves. A number of package deal excursions simply take holidaymakers to analysis among the many fairly a number of a whole bunch of cats that decision the island family within the hopes of catching a glimpse of the well-known Jack.  


Of system, provided that it’s cat heaven, no canines are permitted! 


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