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Diatomaceous Earth For Cats – What Is It And What Can It Do?

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diatomaceous earth for cats

Diatomaceous earth for cats has risen sharply in recognition in recent times. Whether or not it’s as a pesticide for worms or fleas, or to cut back the stink coming out of your kitty litter field, ever rising numbers are turning to this pure product to unravel their issues. However earlier than you dive into the diatomaceous earth barrel, pause for a second. As a result of we don’t but have plenty of proof on it’s security for our feline associates.


What’s Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized stays of extraordinarily tiny, aquatic organisms referred to as diatoms. Over time, these organism accumulate within the filth of rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans. And these tiny creatures’ skeletons are made out of silica.

Silica is definitely extraordinarily widespread. In actual fact, it has been theorized that silica makes up about 26% of the earth’s crust. Their fossils, nonetheless, change into a particular type of silica compound, referred to as silicon dioxide.

Silicon dixoide is created when silica reacts with oxygen and water. Which is strictly what occurs when these organisms die underwater and decay over a protracted time frame. The ensuing diatomaceous earth is wealthy in silicon dioxide, and it may be mined from beneath lakes, and locations water was, like some deserts.

How Is Diatomaceous Earth Used For Cats?

The most typical use of diatomaceous earth for cats is to fight fleas. Many pet homeowners are tempted to flee(!) from harsh chemical compounds and selected one thing somewhat extra “pure” to fight this drawback.

Diatomaceous earth for cats has additionally been marketed to fight inside parasites, similar to tapeworms. This use shouldn’t be as widespread because the earlier one. Nevertheless, it’s repeatedly sufficient instructed that’s deserves a glance.

Lastly, diatomaceous earth has additionally been proposed as an all-natural cat litter. Many cat homeowners are opting to modify to this seemingly higher different over the extra conventional, clay cat litter.

diatomaceous earth for cats

Diatomaceous Earth for Cat Fleas

Diatomaceous earth has been used for some time as a pesticide, and has really been proven to be fairly good at stopping and disrupting insect infestations. It’s efficient towards bugs as a result of, when finely floor, it may well pierce numerous insect’s exoskeletons and dehydrate them from the surface in.

One research specifically explored the effectiveness on diatomaceous earth on beetles. It discovered that, whereas diatomaceous earth wasn’t completely efficient towards killing older bugs, it did cause a substantial drop in the population of various insects.

One other research discovered that the particular species of the bug, dose fee, and temperature all performed a significant function in how nicely it labored. Nevertheless, in practically each case, it did prove to be decently effective.

Diatomaceous earth works by means of a mechanical, quite than chemical perform. Due to this, your pet’s liver doesn’t should work to course of it and is doesn’t enter your pet’s blood system.

On account of this reality, it’s typically secure. Moreover, it’s also efficient towards many kinds of bugs, together with fleas, and would possibly subsequently be thought-about an efficient therapy and prevention measure.

Easy methods to Apply Diatomaceous Earth to Cats

When utilizing diatomaceous earth for fleas on cats, you will need to make it possible for it’s meals grade, not pool or industrial grade. It is because it isn’t fully unusual in your pet to ingest no matter you placed on their fur.

You also needs to avoid the eyes when rubbing diatomaceous earth onto your pet’s pores and skin. It’s an abrasive in any case. Be sure that the product comes into contact together with your pet’s pores and skin. You don’t simply need it sitting round within the fur, however instantly within the space that the fleas will probably be feeding.

How Typically To Use It

Often, weekly software is lots to stop fleas. Nevertheless, when you’re making an attempt to do away with a gift flea infestation, you would possibly wish to re-apply day by day till you discover enchancment after which transfer out to weekly for prevention.

Diatomaceous Earth for Cat Worms

Worms are literally extraordinarily widespread in cats. On prime of this, testing for worms is commonly tough and ineffective, which might make therapy much more not sure and sophisticated.

Nevertheless, it has been discovered that many inside parasites perish when uncovered to diatomaceous earth. That is as a result of identical properties that trigger diatomaceous earth for cats to be efficient towards worms.

Diatomaceous earth is abrasive, and may subsequently minimize and injure small bugs. Its excessive silica content material additionally dehydrates organisms when they’re engulfed in it.

Nonetheless, to ensure that an inside parasite to come back into contact with diatomaceous earth you cat would, merely put, should eat it.

Can Cats Eat Diatomaceous Earth?

That is sophisticated in itself (my cat received’t even eat cat treats half the time), but additionally comes with its personal set of dangers.

Diatomaceous is an abrasive in any case, and may trigger injury to your pet’s digestive tract. It additionally has the potential to trigger dehydration not simply in your cat’s worms, however your cat as nicely.

On prime of this, we merely do not need very a lot info involving the protection of diatomaceous earth for cats. There have been no research performed on its effectiveness or security as a therapy for inside parasites.

Because of this, this can be very vital to solely use this below a vet’s supervision.

Diatomaceous Earth Cat Litter

Diatomaceous earth has been used as a part in cat litter for a really very long time. Now, nonetheless, an increasing number of cat litter manufacturers are growing litter that incorporates extra diatomaceous earth than prior to now.

It is because diatomaceous earth is each extraordinarily absorbent, like most silica, and extra environmentally pleasant than clay-based litters.

Most sewer methods can deal with diatomaceous earth being flushed down the bathroom, whereas clay tends to be a distinct story.

Diatomaceous earth additionally smells higher (not less than, for my part) and will be far much less dusty than conventional cat litter.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Secure for Cats?

There has merely not been sufficient research performed concerning diatomaceous earth therapies in cats for us to say whether or not it’s really secure or not.

Many specialists agree that diatomaceous earth is okay for exterior use in cats, similar to a flea therapy or cat litter. It is because it doesn’t really come into contact with a cat’s organs and doesn’t should be filtered out by a cat’s liver.

Nevertheless, inside use is a distinct story. We have no idea precisely how diatomaceous earth reacts with a cat’s bodily methods.

Use internally shouldn’t be full unadvised, however it does have to be performed solely below the cautious eye of a veterinarian.

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