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Maine Coon Vs Norwegian Forest Cat

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maine coon vs norwegian forest cat

Many individuals are arduous pressed to tell apart between a Maine Coon vs Norwegian Forest cat. However there are some key variations. A Maine Coon’s face is broad and lion like, while a Norwegian Forest cat’s is triangular and extra typical of a home cat. Plus, a Maine Coon is normally barely greater than a Norwegian Forest cat. In fact to decide on one over the opposite as a pet, you’ll have to know slightly greater than that! So let’s additionally learn the way their personalities, well being and care wants differ.


There’s no such factor because the ‘higher cat’ on this equation. Each breeds have stand out qualities which may allure any cat lover. And so they each additionally susceptible to some notable well being circumstances. You may solely select the very best cat for you, primarily based on all the data accessible.

The Historical past of Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats

The origins of those related trying cats are fairly totally different. The Norwegian Forest cat is a European breed. As their title suggests, they first began out in Scandinavia. Their ancestors could have been launched there from Britain centuries in the past by Vikings or Crusaders

Also referred to as the ‘Wegie’, Norwegian Forest cat numbers fell very low within the Nineteen Forties. At this time their numbers have recovered considerably, and Wegies are particularly standard in France, and their native Scandinavia. Norwegian Forest cats are relative newcomers within the U.S. – the primary pair arrived in 1979.

Against this the Maine Coon is likely one of the oldest American breeds and possibly arrived with a number of the earliest English settlers.

Although it’s attainable they had been launched centuries earlier by Viking guests. If that’s the case, then their relationship with the Norwegian Forest Cat may very well be nearer than we realise! The Maine Coon is a highly regarded pet around the globe and continues to be the ‘state cat’ of its unique residence in Maine.

A Battle of Appears to be like?

There’s no denying that these two majestic felines have extra appearances in widespread than separating them. However a real cat connoisseur will need to know the right way to spot the distinction. So right here’s the right way to inform a Maine Coon aside from a Norwegian Forest cat.

Maine Coon Vs Norwegian Forest Cat Measurement

The Norwegian forest cat is undeniably giant. Females weigh in at 9-2lbs, while males can develop all the way in which to 16lbs. However Maine Coons can get even greater, with males reaching as much as 18lbs.

Actually a Maine Coon called Barivel from Italy holds the file because the world’s longest cat. Barivel is an astonishing 4ft lengthy! However measurement comparability between the 2 breeds is just not one of the simplest ways to inform them aside, as people could fluctuate a lot.

If a Norwegian Forest Cat and a Maine Coon are sat facet by facet, the Maine Coon will most likely be slightly bigger. However not all the time. A greater solution to distinguish between these two cats is the form and construction of their faces.

Head Form and Construction

Maine Coons have a really distinctive form to their muzzles which set them aside in look.

The Maine Coon has a distinctively large muzzle

The squarish muzzle form of the Maine Coon is nearly ‘lion-like’. Whereas Wegies have slanting eyes, set in an altogether extra dainty and common cat-like face.

The Norwegian Forest Cat has a triangular face

So if the cat in entrance of you reminds you of a lion, it’s extra prone to be a Maine Coon than a Norwegian Forest cat.

Only a Coat To Preserve You Heat…

Each Maine Coons’ and Wegies’ coats are double layered – superb for holding them heat in very chilly climates. If you happen to reside in a heat a part of the world, your hardy, out of doors loving cat’s coat could not develop as thick and lengthy coat as it might in colder climates. Which is okay, in fact, because it helps them keep extra snug.

Breeders describe each the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest cat as ‘semi-longhaired’, moderately than actually longhaired. Their coats demand much less grooming than these of actually longhaired cats, regardless of being assume and shaggy.

Coat Colours

The Maine Coon breed customary written by the CFA describes almost 80 accepted colours, in stable, tabby, tortoiseshell and calico patterns. While the Wegie isn’t far behind, boasting roughly 60 recognised colours.

Actually you’d be arduous pressed to inform these breeds aside in any respect primarily based on colour alone. However we love that each these cats are formally acknowledged in so many colours – it’s not usually the case, and it’s a becoming tribute to their many fabulous hues!

Do The Ears Have It?

Each the Wegie and the Maine Coon have very distinctive ear tufts. Breeders usually name these ‘furnishings’. They encompass lengthy fur that sticks up above the tip of the ear, giving every cat a lynx-like look.

On each breeds they serve the identical sensible function of serving to to maintain the ears heat in chilly climate. In addition to trying lovely. But when something the Maine Coon’s ear tufts are even bigger and extra distinctive than these of the Norwegian Forest cat – as you’ll be able to see in these lovely images!

You Can All the time Strive Counting Their Toes!

All breeds of cat can expertise polydactyly – or further toes. However do you know that genes for extra toes have turn out to be a fixture of a number of Maine Coon breeding strains?

If you may get shut sufficient to depend, and the cat in entrance of you has greater than 5 toes on their entrance paws or 4 on their again paws, that is one other signal they’re extra prone to be a Maine Coon.

maine coon vs norwegian forest cat

Maine Coon Vs Norwegian Forest Cat Persona

With a lot in widespread on the seems to be entrance, possibly a more in-depth have a look at the personalities of the Maine Coon and the Wegie will show you how to select between them. Each breeds are lively and busy cats.

If you’re planning to maintain one indoors completely, plan loads of appropriate leisure to cease them discovering their very own on the expense of your furnishings! Wegie’s have notably sturdy claws and love climbing.

Each breeds are clever and trainable. Some Maine Coon cats could even be pleased to stroll on a leash and play fetch!

Nevertheless Maine Coons and Wegies are among the many breeds most likely to engage in wool sucking. That is normally a stress associated conduct, as a result of they really feel uncomfortable of their setting, or they haven’t been capable of have interaction in sufficient regular feline behaviours.

Noise vs Affection

Maine Coons are very vocal. They like to talk away making little chirrups. Norwegian Forest Cats are typically quieter total, however many homeowners report that they’ve a very loud purr.

Each have the potential to be affectionate household pets. Neither is likely to be aggressive to strangers, relations or different cats. In comparison with different breeds they’re neither the most overtly friendly, nor the most shy and reserved.

They’re usually described by their house owners as dog-like in the way in which that they search out human firm. However this study discovered that Norwegian Forest cats are particularly prone to search out the corporate of their folks.

Maine Coon Vs Norwegian Forest Cat Size Comparison And Differences

Maine Coon And Norwegian Forest Cat Well being

Whichever huge fluffy cat breed you go for, realizing the well being issues they’re vulnerable to and the way lengthy they’re prone to reside is reassuring, and helps you notice and handle issues early.

Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopthy

Like many cat breeds, Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest cats are vulnerable to a progressive type of coronary heart illness referred to as feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Fortunately, it’s now attainable to check father or mother cats for the gene which causes this distressing sickness forward of breeding.

If you happen to select to purchase a Maine Coon kitten, or Norwegian Forest kitten, a great breeder will present you the testing certificates for his or her father or mother cats, so your kitten is protected from creating this illness.

Hip Dysplasia

Massive cats are extra vulnerable to joint issues than smaller ones. And each the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat are prone to hip dysplasia, a situation extra acquainted to canine house owners.

In accordance with information held by the Orthopedic Foundations for Animals, one quarter of Maine Coons tested had signs of hip dysplasia. When an animal has hip dysplasia, the socket a part of the hip joint turns into malformed, so the highest of the thigh can’t sit comfortably inside it. This results in painful arthritis, and finally lameness.

Vets can test cats earlier than they breed and rating the well being of their hips. So whichever breed you select, it is smart to purchase a kitten from hip scored dad and mom with good scores.

Different Well being Issues

Maine Coon cats additionally appear extra susceptible than every other breed to slipped capital femoral epiphysis, a situation the place the ball-shaped ending on the prime of the thigh bone grows on the incorrect angle.

Norwegian Forest cats are more susceptible than most breeds to diabetes, particularly males.

Evaluating Lifespans

Lifespan figures quoted by breed golf equipment aren’t all the time correct, however there may be some information on cat longevity in printed feline analysis. A research of cats in England included fourteen Maine Coon cats and the median age at demise was 11 years.

Examine this with a mean of 12.5 years throughout all pure breeds, and 14 years for crossbred cats. And even supposing crossbred cats within the UK usually have free entry to the outside, while purebred cats are more and more stored indoors. Put merely, it’s slightly quick.

Sadly there isn’t a information on this research for Norwegian Forest Cats. Nevertheless, we do have information from Sweden the place each breeds are standard. Researchers appeared on the probability of survival for different breeds primarily based on data from Swedish insurance coverage firms. And there have been putting variations between them.

Maine Coons have an 80% likelihood of creating it to age 5 however solely a 41% likelihood of creating it to age 12.5. Which helps the outcomes of the English research The Norwegian Forest cat fared higher, with a 91% likelihood of creating it to age 5 and a 62% likelihood of reaching 12.5 years outdated.

The research checked out over forty 9 thousand insured cats and each breeds had been nicely represented. So it does seem that the Norwegian cat is the longer-lived of the 2 breeds.

Lastly, Andrea Jenssen’s extensive report on hereditary disorders of the Norwegian Forest Cat notes that the breed thought of to be more healthy than many different breeds and will reside as much as 20 years.

Which Is Simpler To Care For?

The care wants of each these cat breeds are related. Let’s check out Maine Coon vs Norwegian Forest cat care.


Regardless of their full coat, they don’t matt as simply as lots of the true longhaired cat breeds. So you can most likely get away with grooming both of them twice every week with a nicely made slicker brush.

Nevertheless, we suggest you groom your cat on daily basis you’ll be able to handle. It received’t take lengthy, you’re much less prone to overlook and find yourself with a matted fur that’s troublesome to take away.

It should additionally assist to scale back the chance of hairballs and vomiting. Which is all the time a great factor!

Better of your cat will get used to the each day dealing with, and this little ritual will turn out to be the bedrock of your bond, as an alternative of a supply of stress!


All cats want a food regimen which is excessive in animal sources of proteins and fat. When feeding giant breeds like Maine Coons and Wegies, it’s actually vital to maintain their weight inside a wholesome vary.

That’s as a result of being obese locations pressure on their joints which might improve the chance of them creating hip dysplasia.

Annual test ups together with your cats vet are a good way to control their physique situation and ensure they’re receiving the appropriate food regimen in the appropriate amount.


Vigorous cats like Wegies and Maine Coons wish to spend a part of their day exploring, enjoying, or looking.

If you happen to plan to maintain them indoors on a regular basis, you’ll want to supply retailers for this power, otherwise you’ll discover that they use your home and every little thing in it to invent their very own video games. And never essentially ones you approve of!

A basket of interactive toys are additionally a enjoyable solution to construct a bond together with your cat, and allow them to act on their pure instincts to stalk prey, chase and catch.

Norwegian Forest Cat Vs Maine Coon Cat Value

While Maine Coon kittens value within the area of $700 – $1,500. On the time of writing, Norwegian Forest cat kittens value wherever between $600 – $1,200 relying on area, pedigree, breeder, and so on.

The distinction between a Norwegian Forest cat and Maine Coon might be on account of Maine Coons being higher identified and consequently extra generally sought-after than Wegies.

Keep in mind that whichever breed you select, the price of your kitten (while an enormous lump sum to pay upfront) is simply a small fraction of their lifetime value.

Which Is The Higher Pet?

Each Maine Coons and Wegies are big cats which take up big locations of their house owners’ hearts. The Maine Coon is normally the larger of the 2, and their distinctive lionlike muzzle is not like every other breed’s.

If these are the options you’ve fallen for, it’s unlikely one other cat will ever evaluate.

However for a lot of cat lovers, the great well being and longevity of the Wegie, coupled with their sturdy need for human companionship, makes them unrivalled pets.

In fact, when you nonetheless can’t select between them, you can all the time take into account a Maine Coon Wegie cross!

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